Healthy muscles for disabled muscles
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I'm your colleague Maarten van Poppelen and I will use my healthy muscles to run the stairs of the Philips Stadium. Will you join me? Read below: 

Ever wondered how many steps there are in a football stadium? Or what the corridors and changing rooms look like those famous footballers use before the match?

What if I say: we can find this out for ourself together in the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven on the 21st of November? Join the ASML team that will run the stairs to support Spieren voor Spieren, an organization fighting to eliminate muscle-diseases from kids’ lives. In the Netherlands 20.000 kids are affected by this – let’s put our healthy muscles to work for the muscles of the kids who need it most.

To register, click on this page on the blue button 'Ik wil in dit team' and choose for 'Volwassenen' (fee is € 15,-)  if you're an adult and for 'Kinderen tot 16 jaar' (fee is € 7,50) when your child also wants to join and is younger than 17 years of age.

Besides the registration you can also collect donations to defeat all muscle diseases at children. Your own page will help you with that (check the icons on the middle-right).
The more donations you collect the more prizes you can win. For example VIP-tickets for a match of PSV, a signed PSV-shirt or a clinic at the PSV Academy! 

ASML-participants can also win a special PSV-cap!

This project is a joint initiative between PSV, Stichting Spieren voor Spieren and ASML.

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